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Calling All Parents!

Don't Miss Out on our Grand Opening Special!  
Secure a spot for your little one with our FREE pre-registration offer! 

Good News!

Enrollment for
2024-2025 is open now!


The Coloring My Word Spanish Immersion School year runs from August through May, with The Coloring My Word Summer camps held in June, July, and August. 

Holidays and Missed Classes: Coloring My Word Spanish Immersion School follows Katy ISD’s Calendar for significant breaks and holidays. Please note: If Katy ISD is closed due to bad weather, our school may also be closed.

A school calendar will be provided in August. Although full tuition is due monthly, we do not do make-up classes or pro-rate education for the holidays or missed classes.

Each January, we hold Open Registration online for the upcoming school year. Open Registration begins at 9:30 am. If a class is complete, you will have the option to put your child on a waitlist. We will notify you if a spot becomes available for your child. Enrollment throughout the school year may also be possible if space is open - don’t hesitate to contact us if interested!

Don’t miss out on your child’s
chance to learn Spanish!

Our Classrooms

Starting from 6 months, our INFANT ROOM will make your children feel welcome and safe from day one.


Our TODDLER ROOM provides a fun environment for 2-year-olds to develop new skills.


The PRESCHOOL ROOM is designed to delight 3-year-olds with games and immersive activities they’ll love.


Our PRE-K ROOM provides a supportive environment for 4-year-olds to learn together.

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Provides a head start for language learning: Registering your child at Coloring My World Spanish immersion school provides them with a head start in learning Spanish. Exposure to a new language at an early age can enhance your child’s cognitive development and improve their overall academic performance.

Fun and Interactive Environment:
At Coloring My World, the curriculum is designed to engage children in a fun and interactive manner. This can help children develop a love for learning and motivate them to continue learning Spanish as they grow older.

Culturally Diverse Experience: Learning a new language provides exposure to a new culture. At Coloring My World, children will be exposed to the Spanish language and culture, which can help promote a diverse and inclusive environment for your child.

High-Quality Education: The teachers at Coloring My World are passionate and dedicated to providing a high-quality education to your child. They will create a positive and supportive learning environment, ensuring your child receives the best education possible.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum: The curriculum at Coloring My World is tailored to meet the needs of children from ages six months to 5 years. The lessons are age-appropriate and engaging, ensuring your child enjoys the learning experience.

10 Reasons Why
Coloring my World

Improves Communication Skills: Learning a new language can enhance your child’s communication skills. It can also help them better understand other cultures and people speaking different languages.

Boosts Brain Development: Studies have shown that learning a new language early can help boost brain development. It can improve memory, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Safe Learning Environment:
Your child’s safety is a top priority at Coloring My World. The school provides a safe learning environment conducive to learning and growth.

Builds Confidence: As your child learns a new language, they will develop confidence in their abilities. This can help them feel more self-assured and improve their self-esteem.

Lifetime Benefits: Learning a new language is a skill that can provide lifetime benefits. It can open up new personal and professional opportunities and provide a deeper understanding of the world. Registering your child at Coloring My World Spanish immersion school can be an investment in their future.

Parent Testimonials

Our Coloring My Word Spanish Immersion School families’ love and commitment to learning inspires us daily.

We value the input of our families. We are happy to listen when parents share their concerns and needs, and we feel fortunate that so many of our families have been willing to share their thoughts with us!

"Coloring My World is our son’s second home! Our son has been with Gaby and her team since he was 4 months old, and they treat him as if he were their own. He is now 13 months old and prefers to stay in daycare than come back home! They have been amazing at adjusting to our routines, and implementing safety practices. They offer nutritious food and snacks, and send us updates throughout the day on how he’s doing".

Sandra Quevedo | Liam's Mom

Tenemos un año en Coloring my World y estoy tan agradecida de pertenecer a este hermoso  lugar que se ha convertido en  parte de nuestra familia, al principio tuve miedo porque mi hijo solo había estado conmigo pero Gaby y Edi fueron muy pacientes y amorosas y el proceso de adaptación fue mucho más rápido de lo que pensé, mi hijo ha aprendido muchísimo durante este tiempo y lo más importante para mi, es feliz y comparte en un ambiente seguro. Muchas gracias Coloring my World por acompañarnos y formar parte de nuestras vidas.

Priscila | Noah's Mom

"Es un sitio  realmente maravilloso!  Mi hijo esta muy feliz, le encanta ir a su escuela, son todos muy amables, la maestra Gaby siempre está dispuesta a guiarlos en todo con amor y paciencia. Ahí todas las Maestras, Edy y Yitse tratan con mucho amor y dedicación a todos los niños.  Estoy muy agradecido con todas ellas. Me encanta Coloring My World!"

Liliani | Mathias' Mom

Entramos a Coloring my World buscando un lugar donde nos apoyaran en la formación de nuestra hija y en el desarrollo de su lenguaje , especialmente porque nos interesaba afianzar el español en sus primeros 4 años de vida para ayudarnos en nuestra crianza bilingüe y terminamos encontrando una extensión de nuestra familia, un segundo hogar donde a mi hija se le educa a través de la formación de valores como el amor, amistad, lealtad, cooperación y honestidad , convirtiéndose en su Happy Place y nuestro lugar seguro para confiar nuestro tesoro más preciado, las palabras no existen para describir el agradecimiento y los sentimientos que hemos desarrollado  hacia toda la familia Coloring my World!!  GRACIAS MILES POR SER PARTE DE NOSOTROS ❤️

Liliani | Chloe's Mom

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